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With the tight labour market locally and globally, organisations must become more adaptable, resilient, agile, and customer-focused to succeed.

And with this change in environment, SMEs with good HR practices and know how to prioritise business growth and investment in their people gain a distinctive advantage over their competitors.

Join us for HR for SME Congress, taking place on 29-30 November 2017 in Singapore. This is a must-attend conference for SMEs to discuss on relevant issues of concern to SMEs, debate, share ideas and walk away with practical tips from some of the most prominent SME movers and shakers in Singapore today.

Key Topic to be Discussed Include:

  • Revamping HR Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent
  • Leveraging on Technological Innovations for HR Automation
  • Transitioning HR into a more strategic role

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Eugene Lam
HR Director
Ang Gey Wee
Head of HR Global Shoe Production & Sourcing
Stephanie Nash
Chief People Officer
Sam Chee Wah
General Manager
Feinmetall Singapore
Terence Teo
Sales Director and Owner
Anewtech Systems
Jane Cha

Check out the full list of speakers here or download the full brochure here.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity for SME business owners, managers and HR professionals to network, spark a discussion and learn from these industry experts.

By Attending this event, delegates get to learn to:

  • Understand how is disruption changing the landscape of HR in SMEs
  • Exploring HR trends, initiatives and technologies innovations that drive productivity
  • Creating a culture within your organisation that aligns with organisational goals and HR
  • Transitioning into embarking HR automation to stay competitive in the market
  • Designing creative and practical talent management strategies in SMEs

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    We look forward to seeing you at the event.

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